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NYSCDA Membership

Membership in New York State Development Association (NYSCDA) offers you many benefits, specifically:

  • Professional development via webinars; including NCDA Continuing Education Units
  • Updates on career development issues pertinent to New York state and our region through our email, the NYSCDA website, and social media groups. 
  • Updates on national career development issues through our affiliation with the National Career Development Association (NCDA). 
  • Members only email updates to our members; these updates provide current information on career development issues in our area
  • Leadership opportunities to serve your profession through the NYSCDA board and committees. 
  • Networking sessions at the National Career Development Association annual conference.
NYSCDA New Membership Model - Effective May 2022
New York State Career Development Association (NYSCDA) recognizes that career professionals have many competing demands for their time and professional development dollars. We have developed a new membership model where membership will be provided for a fixed calendar year (June 1 - May 31). During that period of time, NYSCDA members will be able to attend our summer virtual conference at no additional cost, as well as all items mentioned above, included their membership fee.

Membership fees have also been updated to be more accommodating to new professionals and graduate students.

Beginning in June 2022 NYSCDA Membership Rates will continue to be: $45 for professionals, $15* for new professionals who have graduated from a master's program within one year, and free* for current graduate students enrolled in a master's program (*new professionals and graduate students need to provide an unoffical copy of a transcript indicating that they are currently enrolled in a graduate program or graduated within one year). Special arrangements will be made for individuals who have  joined NYSCDA and with current memberships that extend beyond June 2022. Based on this new model, please see our "Conference" page for information on registration for our summer conference.

NYSCDA Bylaws 2020-2022
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