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Mission, Purpose, & Objectives

NYSCDA Mission and Purpose

NYSCDA seeks to create partnerships among career development practitioners from business/industry, elementary/secondary schools, colleges, public and private agencies, and private practices, and to establish and improve the standards of professional service in the field of career development specifically in New York State as well as beyond.

NYSCDA Objectives

A. Promote a greater understanding of the meaning of work and career.

B. Foster career development over the life span.

C. Encourage the establishment of innovative and responsive career development and career counseling services in New York communities.

D. Promote social justice and diversity in career development theory and practice

E. Provide access to professional development opportunities for members and potential members

F. Gather and disseminate information regarding career development, guidance, and occupational information.

G. Stimulate the improvement of career services, including assessment, guidance, and dissemination of occupational information and job search resources.

H. Promote high standards and principles of career development/career counseling.

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